The first sound you hear... $$$


How do I pay?


We accept all major credit and debit cards via PayPal, Money Orders/Cashiers Checks, Bank Deposits/Zelle Transfers, & SQUARE.


Are there any monthly expenses?


Yes! You must takeover the license for your station which costs $60 per month. Website Hosting is only $12-$20 per month depending on the amount of stations purchased (You choose plan after station purchase). The automated news feeds are free for 1 station.


Total, your monthly expenses for 1 station are only $72.


When I purchase the station, Can I go live and schedule shows?


Yes! You have total control over your schedule. The scheduling is very simple and all platforms come with tutorials (if needed).


How long does it take to set my station up?


$1k+ stations take 30 minutes to set up and transfer.

$5,000 & up stations take 2 hours to set up and transfer.


How much money can I make with my station monthly?


Stations have an earning potential to reach over $10,000 per month.  We know because we've done it!  We do not guarantee every client will make $10,000 per month. Like any business, your station needs to be marketed effectively using the strategies given in the guide we give you. Most of our serious clients generate $1500 their first month accepting campaigns.


Can I resell my station back to you if I don't have time to run it?


Yes! We'll buy your station back for half the price you paid, once we resell the station or put it back on the market.


We do not issue refunds. We will simply resell your station for you. The station is completely automated so if you take a few months off, notify us and we'll maintain the station for you. Our staff will make 90% revenue from what we bring in while you're on vacation.


How do I get paid off of my station?


Station owners are paid from music submissions, automated advertising on listening radio stream, banner advertising, direct response ads per call, sponsored content, social media posts and third party marketing websites. Most platforms will payout via ACH, PayPal or Check.


What do I get when I purchase a radio station?


Station owner will receive logins to the station's stream, social media profile, official website & PDF Showing How To Maintain The Station.


How do I generate traffic and sales from my radio station?


The stations are currently generating sales and traffic automatically. To boost sells and traffic, we will give you options to purchase marketing campaigns that boost sales guaranteed. During most paid campaigns, station owners bring in THOUSANDS of listeners daily!

"There's a simple way to run your own radio station and actually profit."

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